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What is Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peels are beauty treatments that can be applied to the neck, arms, and face. They’re used to enhance the texture of the pores and skin and look. in the course of this technique, chemical solutions will be applied to the region being treated, which causes the pores and skin to exfoliate and eventually peel off. once this happens, the brand new skin below is seemed much less wrinkled, smoother, and can have less harm. The technique can repair a more youthful look to skin reduce blotchy patches, wrinkles, sun harm, uneven pigmentation. Chemical Peel Treatment in Delhi/NCR

Types of Chemical Peel Treatment

Light Chemical Peel Treatment

In the course of a light peel treatment brush, gauze and a cotton ball will be used to apply a chemical solution like salicylic acid to the region being treated. The skin will begin to whiten and may have a slight stinging sensation. after complete, the chemical solution will be removed or a neutralizing solution will be added. light chemical peels are perfect for folks that want the advantages of a facial peel however, don’t want to spend the time required to recover from a deeper peel.

Medium Chemical Peel Treatment

In the course of a medium chemical peel, your doctor can use a cotton-tipped device, gauze, or special sponge to use the chemical resolution for your face. this could contain trichloracetic acid and glycollic acid. A blue colour is also more to the trichloracetic acid, usually referred to as a blue peel The skin can begin to discolour, and additionally the doctor will apply a cool compress to the skin. you’ll feel stinging or burning for up to twenty minutes. No neutralizing solution is needed, though they’ll offer you with a hand-held fan to cool down your pores and skin. in case you’ve had the blue peel, you’ll have a blue colouring of your pores and skin which will last for numerous days after the peel. Chemical Peels Treatment For Face

Deep Chemical Peel Treatment

in the course of a deep chemical peel treatment, you’ll be insensible. The doctor will use a cotton-tipped applicator to apply phenol on your pores and pores and skin. this will turn your skin white or grey. the technique is finished in 15-minute portions, to limit the skin publicity to the acid. This treatment is used to improve wrinkles, fine strains, age spots, freckles and moderate skin discolouration. 

Benefits of Chemical Peel Treatment

The chemical peel treatment offers You a large number of benefits for enhancing a number of skin situations and complete skin rejuvenation.
  • helping to resolve breakouts
  • It improves skin’s ability to retain moisture
  • It improves the discolouration and uneven skin tone
  • Growing hydration of the skin
  • Reducing discolouration caused by sun harm
  • By removing the damaged and dead skin layers, It improves the skin’s texture, colour and skin visibly fresh and smooth.
  • Most chemical skin peels are effective and safe to use on skin

Before your procedure, you’ll first have a consultation with Med Advisors (skin care specialist ). During this visit, We’ll help you determine what the best treatment option is for you. We’ll let you know the details about the specific peel you’ll be getting. 
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